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License Plate Reader RiTa

Modern, professional and reliable license plate reading system, fully integrated on IP networks and equipped with a powerful OCR

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Access management

RiTa is a license plate reading system capable of reading license plates with Latin characters in font-independent mode. This feature makes it possible to recognize the license plates of all European countries with maximum reliability, regardless of the syntax used. 

With RiTa it is possible to manage vehicle access to restricted areas without the need to use badges or other keys but simply by inserting the vehicle number plate in an authorization list.

The RiTa weigh Automation System is able to manage transits on a weighbridge with automatic reading of the vehicle license plate both at entry and exit, traffic light signaling and registration of transits for subsequent verification by the operator with frontal and rear image of the vehicle.


The cameras allow a quick and precise reading both day and night thanks to the presence of infrared lighting. The software scans the images in search of the license plate and compares it with those in the database for access management.


The system can operate in the presence of motorized bars or in the proximity of vehicular weighingbridge stations. RiTa can be integrated into services such as EECOCheck for the management of ecological platforms by automating the entry and exit processes.


With the RiTa license plate reading system, software specific to customer needs are supplied

Complete Management

Thanks to the software it is possibile to manage Users authorizations.

Specific Cameras

The systems can be supplied with 4 different types of cameras as needed

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