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The Totem is installed at the entrance and at the exit of the Platform and is able to manage vehicle access in single or double bar mode, and can be expanded with a camera reading license plates to ensure access to authorized vehicles only. If the entry and exit gates are equipped with a weighbridge, EECO Check can read the weigh and register the amount of waste disposed.


The structure of the plant platform was designed to greatly simplify the wiring in field and reduce the overall costs of its construction.
The control of access authorizations to the platform managed by the EECO Check system can be carried out through the use of a badge such as the CRS Card or badge provided by the Manager, or through the identification of the vehicle license plate.


The functionality of Centralization allows managers to monitor their own platforms by accessing through a browser to the EECO Check Cloud Portal which can be reached at www.eecocheck.cloud Through the EECO Check Cloud Portal the Operator can have access to various information such as the status of the systems, the list of accesses, the management of users and many others.


The EECO Check system can be expanded as desired, through the integration of additional functions and is able to manage multiple platforms of different complexity, starting from a single access gate up to a complex multi-gate system with all the options enabled.

EECO Check Cloud

The EECO Check portal is a powerful management and control tool for your plants. It provides a series of functions such as viewing the status of the systems in real time and managing authorized users. It is also possible to update the list of users authorized to access the Platform.

Complete Management

The portal is accessible from various devices via a common internet browser. After logging in, the homepage allows access to all the functions of the portal.

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