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EECO Check


The system can be set up with a weighbridge to monitor the waste delivery


A router in the totem can comunicate with the central unit


The stoplight can be installed in the entry and exit, can be controlled by the cloud portal


On the exit totem there can be mounted thermal printers to release the receipt

License plate reading Rita

The system can be integrated with RiTa license plate recognition to simplify the vehicles access 

Access barrier

The access barrier comunicate with the totem to let the vehicles in the plant, can be controlled by the cloud portal

Detection coil

An underground magnetic coil automatically detect the vehicle in trasit above automatically opening the access barrier 

User Identification

Regional Services Card

The identification can be done through the Regional Services Card being a document already available to everyone.

They are many models of totems available, integrated with specific devices and software on the basis of functionality required. The totems, realized in a sturdy structure in painted steel, with a pleasant and modern design, are as follows: 






The SMART Gate Control Totem realizes a complete stand-alone platform control system that is managed remotely through the Cloud Portal. 

It is ideal for ecological islands with single access. Programmable, it manages accesses through time slots and the counting of presences.

  • Badge and RFID reader.
  • Local display with integrated traffic light signal for user access.   
  •  Single barrier opening control interface and additional external traffic light.      
  • Optional management of the platform exit through a magnetic coil for presence counting.         
  • Integrated cellular network communication module for remote maintenance and access to the EECO Check Cloud Portal (Totem SMART Connect).      
  •  Wired communication interface for local maintenance.

Through the touch display, the user is guided in the selection of the type of differentiated waste and in the conferral process.

After weighing, the display indicates the weight and guides the user in removing the waste from the balance.

At the end of the procedure, the totem releases a receipt with a summary of what has been deposited and the relative reward score.

EECO Check Cloud

By logging the EECO Check Cloud Portal via a common web browser, authorized users can remotely manage their platforms

Plant Status

The portal provides a summary screen with the status of all platforms (systems) managed by your subscription.

Each platform system is described in a box containing the name, the list of the gates / totems installed and relativelive informations or any global or gate anomalies.

By selecting the desired system, you access the detail screen which also allows you to send some commands to the remote system.

Among the functions available on this screen, the setting of the maximum number of presences inside the plant, for safety reasons or related to the emergency from Covid-19

It is also possible to change the time bands and days of access based on the User type.

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