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Projektiranje in izvedba strojev za industrijsko avtomatizacijo in razvoj podporne programske opreme (firmware) v skladu s specifikacijami integratorja. Vsaka rešitev predvideva razvoj namenske programske opreme, posebej prilagojeno za popolno integracijo strojne opreme.


Fire Monitoring System for Industrial Areas


The problem: is the early detection of danger of fires in storage areas of flammable materials where conventional technologies are hardly or not applicable

The solution: is to use an infrared thermo-camera mounted on a moving system that allows to “scan” the surrounding environment. The camera is connected to a processing system that allows the detection of the situations of potential trigger outbreaks of fire in any environment and brightness.

The result: The system detects in advance the areas in which are triggered outbreaks of fire and is able to monitor big areas



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Wast to Energy Plant and Landfill Solutions


The Problem: creation of integrated access control zone, professional video wall presentation for the control room and development combustion optimization.

The Solutions: Integrated gates access control for vehicles with follows features:

  • a. identification of vehicles by plates reading
  • b. weighing both incoming and outgoing
  • c. radioactivity verification

SW back-office to manage the process of transfer and disposal

Integrated presentation control room featuring:

  • a. producing a video-wall modular
  • b. display images from network cameras
  • c. presentation alarms-were-integrated measures with images
  • d. unified management console camera (move, zoom, configuration, etc.)

System optimization of combustion with camera and software process control for:

  • a. increase the efficiency of plant
  • b. reduction of pollutant emissions

The Result: Improved efficiency and emission reduction in waste disposal.

The Customer: Production of  electrical energy from the combustion of waste.

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