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Integrated Automation System with Touch-screen Interface


The Problem: Adaptation to the law rules, expansion of the system operator call, installation of a video surveillance system, simplification and unification of operator workstations.

The Solution: EsyHome system is the answer to the problems of the customer; the system uses an IP network communication infrastructure , on which it is possible to develop the Operator Calling and Video Surveillance CCTV systems. The structure is equipped with a single computer to control the entire system and a series of operator workstations expandable over time. The software is fully developed ad hoc.

The Result: he system is designed to add a second Supervisor workstation. It is possible to mount other displays in any position of the house, allowing any further expansion. The displays can be equipped with an extra audible alarm. In the future it is possible to provide all the software, developed ad hoc for this system, with customizations typically unavailable with commercial products. An example could be the integration with logs of alarms, controls of entrance doors and the live images from a CCTV camera. The CCTV system is prepared for the expansion of the number of cameras and for the registration functionality. The system is also designed for the following services: – Recording of video streams on digital media (in according with privacy law); – Display of all sequences recorded on the operator’s console; – Possibility to export recordings to external media / removable; – Display and recording from personal computers secondary on internal and/or external network. Installation of a system in RAID technology to allow more security in the data storage.

The Customer: Retirement Home for frail elderly


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