Access control system for ecological platforms RSU

piattaformeecologicheThe problem: make access control and management at ecological platforms for sorting waste more efficient and less expensive.

The solution: the installation of EECO Check access control system that allows access to the ecological platforms for citizens and companies by reading the Regional health insurance card (CRS) or personalized badge distributed to users.

The result: the EECO Check system, integrated with vehicle license plate recognition system, made more flexible and easier the collection process.

The Customer: a service company for recycling.

Vehicles weighing automation system with license plate recognition and inputs/outputs automatic matching

The problem: check and weigh incoming and outgoing vehicles from an industrial site and automatically match the incoming and outgoing weighings.

The solution: realization of the integrated modular system that allows the identification of the vehicle with the license plate recognition system and the detection of weight with the transit management on the weighbridges. Transits are then automatically combined to generate a single event with all the necessary data.

The result: a simple procedure allows the supervision and the remote monitoring of weighing, also from existing weighbridges.

The Customer: goods distribution logistics Units.

Integrated automation system with touch-screen interface for guests and operators of nursing homes

casadiriposoThe problem: Adaption to the law rules and expansion of the operator call system; installation of video surveillance system; simplification and unification of operator workstations.

The solution: EsyHome system is the answer to the problems of the Customer; the system uses an IP network communication infrastructure on which it is possible to develop the Operator Calling and the Video Surveillance CCTV systems. The structure is equipped with a single computer able to control the entire system and a series of Operator workstations expandable over time. The software is fully developed ad hoc.

The result: given the availability of the network throughout the building, it is possible to access from anywhere to all system functions. It is also easy to add cameras or move the server or the Operator workstation anywhere as necessary, without affecting the wiring. Similarly, it is possible to add additional points of view at any point reached by the network. Finally, the system can be expanded to forward a message to a telephone switchboard equipped with the necessary for notify the alarm on mobile phone or other device.

The Customer: a nursing home for not self-sufficient elderly people.

Wast to energy plant and landfill solutions

termovalorizzatoriThe problem: creation of an integrated access control system, professional video wall presentation for the Control Room and the development of the combustion optimization application.

The solution: is designed for each area of intervention.

  • Integrated access control gates for vehicles with follows features: identification of vehicles by license plate reading, weighing both incoming and outgoing, radioactivity verification.
  • back-office software to manage the process of transfer and disposal
  • integrated presentation system for control room with follows features: video-wall modular construction, display images from network cameras, presentation of alarms-states-measures integrated with images, unified management console camera (move, zoom, configuration, etc.)
  • Optimization system of combustion with thermo camera and process control software for: increase the efficiency of plant, reduction of pollutant emissions.

The result: improved efficiency and emissions reduction in waste disposal, quick access management, production of reliable statistical reports.

The Customer: Waste to energy plant that produces electrical energy from waste combustion.

Control system of vehicles for pickup and distribution of building material from quarries with plate reading, weighing and automatic generation of delivery note

infastrutturestradaliThe problem: check and weigh the vehicles in transit at the quarries and subsequent automatic generation of transport documents.

The solution: creation of the integrated modular system that allows the identification of the vehicle with the license plate recognition system, the real-time tracking, the supervision from the control room and the automatic compilation of delivery note.

The result: a simple procedure allows supervision and remote control in the different withdrawal phases from the quarry.

The Customer: Building consortium of road and rail infrastructure.

Fire detection system for industrial areas

areeindustrialiThe problem: is the early detection of danger of fires in storage areas of flammable materials where conventional technologies are hardly or not applicable.

The solution: is to use an infrared radiometric thermo camera mounted on a moving system that allows to “scan” the surrounding environment. The cameras are connected to a processing system that allows a fast detection of the situations of potential trigger outbreaks of fire in any environment and brightness.

The result: the system detects in advance the areas in which are triggered outbreaks of fire and is able to monitor big areas.

Hives monitoring on farms

monitoraggioarnieThe problem: remotely control the weight of the hives and their eventual displacement.

The solution: equip each hive with a scale and a sensor that can wirelessly communicate the data relating to the weight and report alarms due to possible movements.

The result: by a single control room it is possible to control the weight and position of each hive without being obliged to check its status on site.

The Customer: a consortium of honey producing farms.

Monitoring system of photovoltaic panel with wireless technology

tegolefotovoltaicheThe problem: rapid detection of the tile with damaged photovoltaic system without the need to go on the roof and test each module.

The solution: small wireless sensors, light and able to constantly communicate with each other, which can be centralized and mapped. The system, moreover, does not require additional wiring.

The result: innovation for a sustainable future. Fast identification of damaged modules. Easy installation of the photovoltaic panel during the production phase, which resets the successive costs.

The Customer: a photovoltaic tiles industry.

Monitoring system of fragile goods with wireless technology

monitoraggiomercifragiliThe problem: make the service of control and verification of goods at all stages of transport to a Customer that deals with the trade of fragile products.

The solution: installation of a modular system of seismic sensors to constantly measure the vehicle speed avoiding bumps which can lead to breakage of the transported goods.

The result: small size, ease of use and reduced cost for a remote control system of fragile goods.

The Customer: a transport and logistics company.