ConJbox is a connection box that allows you to connect easily and practice up to 2 cameras with the central control unit of a RiTa – License-plate recognition system.

RiTa NET – I/O Module

I/O Modules – 8 optocoupled input and 8 relays output. It allows the management of the motorized gates and the reception of alarms. The module can be networked at any point of the system. It is supplied in plastic case for DIN Rail.

RiTa NET-Server

Server Unit and software package for the centralization of RiTa systems for the coordinated management of multiple access points with database and centralized user interface up to 36 lanes. It manages the control unit of RiTa gates on the network.

RiTa NET-Client

Software package for additional operator workstations (max 4 additional console simultaneously active) for network access to RiTa Stand-Alone systems or to RiTaNET-Server.

Motorized barriers

Range of professional electromechanical barriers 230 VAC with a high frequency of use, designed to operate in the most varied conditions of employment from 1.000 to 3.000 operations per day and a MCBF up to 2.000.000 of cycles with frequent reversing. Available with rod and crank mechanical mechanism ensuring smooth bar movement and also controlling slowdown in opening and closing.

Integration Software

SW modules of integration with external systems (e.g. booking systems, production of Delivery note, interfacing with access control systems with badge or monitoring radioactivity systems, etc.).

Led display

Variable message led panel customizable for an instant view of communications. The panels are alphanumeric, internal and external.

Containment box

The box is prewired for RiTa systems with 2/4 gates. Allows for an easier and faster system installation. The fiberglass box includes the terminal blocks and the cabling connectors with field, the power supply section of the equipment with the individual circuit breakers and a thermostatically controlled cooling blower.

Communication Kit

Communication Kit with triple access (Wired LAN, WiFi, GPRS/3G mobile network) for the remote management of RiTa system by a remote Operator Client (needs a SIM card).


SW module and GPRS modem for gate command from mobile phones. Enables the gate command through a call dialed from an enabled mobile phone (no cost).