The EECO Check system consists of a series of networked intelligent units:


  1. Central control unit box with EECO Check SW management
  2. Totem on the gate (one for each group “weighing + bars”) that includes display, badge reader (CRS or dedicated Badge), emergency pushbutton and traffic light that allows you to manage with a single network connection commands and interfaces to:
    • the motorized bar in entrance to weighing (opening command)
    • weighing at the entrance (through the weighing controlling terminal)
    • the motorized bar in exit from weighing (opening command)
  3. License plates reader camera (optional) with integrated IR illuminator, for reading the license plate of the vehicles entering and leaving the plant.

The system structure is designed to considerably simplify the wiring in the field and reduce the overall cost of the system’s realization.

The EECO Check System is able to:

  1. Identify users access to the Area. Identification can be made through:
    • reading of the Regional Service Card (CRS) with or without chip
    • reading of a dedicated and personalized Badge distributed by the Area Manager
    • reading of the vehicle’s license plate (e.g. for Companies or service vehicles of the Area Manager)
  2. Manage access control gates with motorized bars and traffic lights and allowing access only to authorized users included in a white-list dynamically configurable by the Area Manager.
  3. Weigh the material by the acquisition of the weight at the entrance and the exit from the Area through the present weighbridges
  4. Record all access data (user, entrance and exit date/hour, weigh of the material,…)

The system is also capable of making additional controls such as the maximum number of allowed vehicles at the same time in the plant regulating access and thus avoiding overcrowding at peak times.

The systems can be managed locally by means of a specific management and configuration SW included and accessible via wireless network with a common browser either from Android tablets that from a standard PC/Tablet under Windows.

Also you can make optionally Centralization Systems of multiple Areas over IP networks both with ADSL connections than with GPRS/3G mobile connections.