Systems integration

Standard firmware applications, realization of prototypes and custom projects for rapid, effective, innovative solutions, customized and at low costs.


Fire Monitoring System with infrared radiometric cameras

EFLAME is a modular and intelligent system of monitoring stations able to locally detect any situations of fire hazard and transmit alarms and images of the site to a central room using the available communication network. The system uses last generation infrared radiometric cameras to scan the surrounding environment, connected to a processing system that assure a fast detection of any potential outbreaks of fire in all environmental condition and brightness.

Solid Fire Detection algorithm with Pre-alarm and Alarm functions. Last generation IR compact cameras. Integrated PanTilt to scan the surrounding area. Transmission of alarms and images (visible and infrared) using WAN, 3G, LTE, Satellite.

Industrial areas – Civil protection – Fire prevention – Environmental safety – Illegal dumping – Storage centers – Deposit of hazardous or flammable materials – Open space (woods, plantations, etc.) – Protected areas


Remote control security network of distributed structures (banks, GDO, Multiutility, etc.)

The ECCore Centralization and Remote control system allows the creation of an effective and safe monitoring Network, control and remote management security of existing sensors and devices installed in the branch offices of structures distributed on the territory.
EcCore consists of a software suite, with client-server architecture and multiple operator stations, and in the branch uses EpCore modules that are customizable, small in size and low absorption so that it can be easily installed with minimal impact, for example, within existing local systems.


Modular presentation system for professional video-walls of industrial control rooms

ExHive is a system consisting of a series of modular and coordinates software applications able to produce innovative presentation and control systems. It is possible to create a modular “video wall” system for control rooms with any kind and quantity of monitors, each of which is managed by separated video server.


Intelligent modules for Automation

EpCore products line includes hardware architectures and reference software, fully developed in the Elimos laboratories, from which they can derive standard boards for remote control applications and, if necessary, “custom” versions based on specific customer requires to match technical features and final cost.
Multifunctional modules able to give an effective response to problems related to:

  • data acquisition (states and/or measures) using network
  • remote control
  • domotic applications
  • industrial automation
  • Front End processor
  • serial multiprotocol interface


Modular system of wireless sensors

ELWIS is a versatile and modular system consisting of intelligent wireless sensor, “always-on” or “on-demand” able to communicate with each other or with a control center using wireless technology. The sensors, with internal clock and large memory capacity, can take real-time measures of voltage, temperature, acceleration and others, and can be used in any operating condition for security and monitoring applications. Example of possible applications:

  • remote monitoring of photovoltaic panels
  • logistics and transport of fragile goods
  • logistics and transport of perishable goods
  • control during removal of precious and/or works of art
  • environmental monitoring


Intelligent system of trams detection with accelerometric sensor

The intelligent sensor EpSirt implements a system of detection of the approach of a tram to a temporary work site in a public way, able to control the opening of a motorized bar to allow the transit of the tram through the site and preventing the access to other vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and buses.


Integrated hardware and software system for the control and management of clinics and nursing homes with touch-screen interface

The integrated system EsyHome allows the integrated automation of operator call functions, alarmed doors status functions and CCTV video surveillance system.
EsyHome system consist of:

  • GigaEthernet LAN network infrastructure
  • Operator Call System
  • CCTV video surveillance system


Sounds reproducing

EpWave is a compact and portable sounds high quality reproducing, designed for friendly use in hobby and professional environments able to play up to 32 stereo recordings without time restriction.