Each Totem is equipped with a control panel where there are the display for communications, the badge reader, the emergency pushbutton and the traffic light.
The EECO Check Totem Panel is designed and engineered to allow its use and application in other types of pillar.
The emergency pushbutton can be used by the user to draw the attention of the operator if necessary: pressing this button the buzzer inside the totem is activated and sends a request for intervention to the control unit.
On the Totem’s Panel there is also a red/green signal lamp to inform the user about the possibility to access to the plant.
The Totems can be made in three different versions:

  1. CAR: for access gates of cars or people (h Totem 1.806mm – h reader 1.250mm)
  2. TRK: for access gates of heavy vehicles such as trucks or similar (h Totem 2.694mm – h reader 2.138mm)
  3. CAR + TRK: for “universal” access gates (h 2.694mm) with double station, one for cars (h reader 1.250mm) and one for heavy vehicles (h. reader 2.138mm)