casadiriposoThe problem: Adaption to the law rules and expansion of the operator call system; installation of video surveillance system; simplification and unification of operator workstations.

The solution: EsyHome system is the answer to the problems of the Customer; the system uses an IP network communication infrastructure on which it is possible to develop the Operator Calling and the Video Surveillance CCTV systems. The structure is equipped with a single computer able to control the entire system and a series of Operator workstations expandable over time. The software is fully developed ad hoc.

The result: given the availability of the network throughout the building, it is possible to access from anywhere to all system functions. It is also easy to add cameras or move the server or the Operator workstation anywhere as necessary, without affecting the wiring. Similarly, it is possible to add additional points of view at any point reached by the network. Finally, the system can be expanded to forward a message to a telephone switchboard equipped with the necessary for notify the alarm on mobile phone or other device.

The Customer: a nursing home for not self-sufficient elderly people.