Fire Monitoring System with infrared radiometric cameras

EFLAME is a modular and intelligent system of monitoring stations able to locally detect any situations of fire hazard and transmit alarms and images of the site to a central room using the available communication network. The system uses last generation infrared radiometric cameras to scan the surrounding environment, connected to a processing system that assure a fast detection of any potential outbreaks of fire in all environmental condition and brightness.

Solid Fire Detection algorithm with Pre-alarm and Alarm functions. Last generation IR compact cameras. Integrated PanTilt to scan the surrounding area. Transmission of alarms and images (visible and infrared) using WAN, 3G, LTE, Satellite.

Industrial areas – Civil protection – Fire prevention – Environmental safety – Illegal dumping – Storage centers – Deposit of hazardous or flammable materials – Open space (woods, plantations, etc.) – Protected areas