Fast Moving People

Elimos was born in Trieste in 2005 and starting from the following year has been activated the electronics lab where it is developed the first product; the first goal is reached. After a year of constant attention to new technologies and innovation, we inaugurated the research and development lab that is settlement in the prestigious AREA Science Park Campus of Trieste; most of the resources, human and financial are concentrated to the hardware and software research. Finally, activating in Piacenza the Sales Office for Central and Northern Italy, is guaranteed the constantly presence on the national territory with the consequent achievement of commercial growth.
In 2015 Elimos celebrated its tenth year of life: a period of constant praise from Customers and continued growth despite difficult economic conditions in recent years.

The know-how of the technical team allows to use electronics and information technology as working tool to pack quickly, accurately and especially reliably the technological product required; the response of research and development lab has always been the most innovative, flexible and timely resolution.

Elimos is directed to all secondary and tertiary economic sector activities. Offering itself as a partner, Elimos meets the Customer when he may need to solve a concrete technical problem; in all circumstances we are used to working and collaborating directly and constantly with the Customer or with his installer.

Elimos obtained in 2010 the certification (TUV NORD) for the management of the quality system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. In 2016 Elimos renew his quality certification according to the latest UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Curiosity…the reasons of a name
What does “ELIMOS” mean? Starting from the Latin word elimare: developing, shaping and going to the English acronym for ELectronic, IMaging, (and) Operating Systems. The name is a synthesis of what is expressed in the company vision: processing capability and flexibility, using tools such as electronics and information technology with the ultimate aim of normalizing the solutions for its customers.